Quintessential tactile project: Tim Horton’s Soup

I love tactile animation & design. It’s my favourite kind of work to do. I love getting away from the computer screen and building something physical, I love the charm of real world imperfections. So this naturally brought a smile to my face:

TH Soup / BTS from tron.co on Vimeo.

The digital frame-by-frame animation, the 3D previs, hand-painting actual ceramic bowls…heck, even tinkering with electric motors – now that’s my idea of a good few days at the office!

And here is the final product:

TH Soup / Bowls from tron.co on Vimeo.

Actually, we recently worked on these titles for FOX which shared a similar workflow – lots of fun!

FIC ‘Brands to Believe’ in stop motion titles from MAAN on Vimeo.

Some of my favourite stop-motion pieces


We’ll start off with a music video that inspired me to do my own stop motion work. It’s the Bubblicious music video from Rex The Dog. I love the simple DIY look & feel and the way the ‘behind-the-scenes’ is worked into the narrative showing off the process and making it even more interesting. Really nice work.

Much Better Now

Next is another piece that brings along a smile from Salon Alpin, a Portuguese studio. This integrates a 3D character into a stop motion background. The result is seamless and looks like loads of painstaking effort. It pays off though…


This one’s a classic and remarkable since it’s a student project. From Bang-yao Liu.

Time to Go

One last one I came across recently: a beautiful piece from Melbourne-based studio Oh Yeah Wow for Wax Tailor: ‘Time To Go’. Strong concept, smoothly executed.

Hmmm, time to get out my Nikon and make some puppets…