Tactile Animation: some favourites

So what is ‘tactile animation’?

Well, I’d like to think that I came up with the term but, as with most ‘original’ thoughts, it seems it has been around for quite a while. A quick Google search reveals results from the fantastical Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer, haptic devices, stop motion and so on.

For me (and since I hold sway over the keyboard), I am going to use the term for any form of animation that uses primarily non-digital media. That is, no slick 3D, no smooth motion graphics work, just charcoal, cardboard, lightbulbs and the like. Obviously I am not going to nitpick, almost everything is touched by digital in some way these days, but I am looking for pieces where the artists have stepped out of the constrictive frame frame of the computer screen and made something tangible, something that you can touch…something tactile.

Following are some of my favourite pieces of ‘tactile animation’, stuff that I wish I had done…

Lightbox Music Video

Husbands – “Dream”

The Making of…

Many of these projects have a charming DIY aesthetic to them. And no matter how easy it is to create something similar in After Effects or the like, there is an undeniable magic to the realness of this piece.

Singing Microwaves

AKQA Cristmas Card

This is an classic from a couple years ago. So inventive, so captivating, so memorable. Job well done!



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